Mijn boeken vind je hier: boeken op Papieren Avonturen

18 September 2007


Kijk, ik heb ook wel eens een doosje gevouwen...
Well, I've folded a box once or twice...

Klik op de tor voor meer fascinerend vouwwerk van Robert Lang.
Click on the beetle to see more fascinating folded objects by Robert Lang.

Maar dit is toch wel eventjes iets anders *LOL*
But this work is something different *LOL*


Edited to say that I did NOT fold this beetle, it's Robert Lang's work. I just wanted to share the amazing things he makes out of a single sheet of paper. Be sure to click on the photo to go to his origami website. There is some awesome work showed (not only insects *lol*).


  1. Oh my... now this is COOL! My two young boys absolutely love bugs, AND they took an origami class this summer and loved that as well! They will certainly squeal with delight when I show them this... thanks for sharing, Dymphie! :)

  2. Those are incredible! And I thought I was so cool to be able to make a paper crane, LOL!


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