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8 August 2010


via: the seventy tree

Leuke dingen van deze week
  • die regenboog in dat filmpje hierboven :)
  • onze favoriete ovenschotel maken
  • weer eens buiten eten
  • 'vonster'
  • loslaten
  • vandaag: papierscheppen
Fun facts from this week
  • the rainbow in the video :)
  • making our favorite oven dish
  • eating outside since a week or so
  • 'vonster'
  • let loose
  • today: paper making


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  1. yum is right,,do you have any leftovers for me?
    Have a wonderful Sunday....we are eating outside toooooo. Wonderful breezy weather. Isn´t it lovely.

  2. hahaa "yum is right" is exactly what I was going to say ... Cynnie beat me to it ;)
    I just joined in your LET LOOSE movement!
    Happy Sunday

  3. ik heb die dame toevallig gisteren op de radio gehoord, mooi zingt die, en leuk filmpje, alleen moeten sommig beter sychroom tappen, :)) leuke dingen weer in je lijstje. greetz van janine

  4. Die schotel ziet er zeer aanlokkelijk uit!
    Het "loslaten" is een vondst,
    mooi filmpje ook!

  5. Hi Dymphie...thanks for your comments about my Haute Couture collection! One more to go....I am still staring at your "yum,yum"
    dish there to the right of my writing this....it is only 11:20 AM and my mouth is watering:)
    Have a great Monday!!


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