3 September 2009

50 books #40

Soms zie ik iets in de winkel liggen en koop ik het alleen maar omdat ik vind dat er een boek mee te maken is... Dat was zeker het geval met de linnen zakjes risottorijst die ik dit voorjaar zag (de risotto was overigens heerlijk).

Every now and than I see something in a store and buy it just because I want to use it on a book... That was indeed the case when I saw the cute linen bags with risotto rice last spring (the risotto was delicious *lol*).

Dit voorjaar heb ik ook het boek van
Monica Langwe aangeschaft 'Slappe bindingen uit Tallin' worden beschreven. Het zijn leren en perkamenten boeken uit de Hanze-periode (12de-16de eeuw, weet je nog de Hanzesteden van Kampen, Deventer tot aan de Oostzee), vaak boeken die makkelijk uit te breiden waren en door kooplieden werden gebruikt voor hun administratie.

Last spring I purchased Monica Langwe's book 'Limp bindings from Tallin'. Those leather and parchment bindings date from the
Hansa-League (12th-16th century). The books were often used by merchants for their administration. Often there is a possibility to add section as needed.

Voor de binding heb ik nepleren veters gebruikt. Ik heb nog zere vingers van het doortrekken van dat dikke spul
For the binding I used faux leather string. My fingers still ache from pulling this thick material

Deze binding heet Tegumentum Fuscum, ik kan me herinneren ergens gelezen te hebben wat het betekent, maar kan dat niet terugvinden...

This binding is called Tegumentum Fuscum, I recall reading somewhere what it means, but I cannot find it back...

De binnenkant heb ik met groen papier bekleed.
The inside is lined with green paper.

Je kunt het boek zo oprollen en in je zak steken, leuk :)
You can roll this book and put it in your pocket, fun :)

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  1. Gaaf en dat zou ik ook zo kunnen doen, wat een leuke kaft zo.

  2. I love this binding- the leather string looks amazing!!!

  3. Wat een leuk idee weer, dat linnen zakje. Je moet er maar aan denken ;)
    Prachtige binding!

  4. The book looks great! The green tones are a nice choice for the tackets, and match the rice bag perfectly. The bag is nicely spotted! I sometimes buy stuff, too, to use the package for books, but to choose this rice bags is a very good idea. Were you able to use it like it is or did you back it first?

    Fuscum means brown, I think. She seems to have named the bindings just by the color of the leather in her examples.

    Your books getting more ambitious with each new piece. Did you use a support? I have been thinking about supports for a while, and usually omitted them. But still wondering whether and what to use for support.

  5. Goh meid, je gaat die 50 op je sloffen halen !!! En ik vind het allemaal zóóóó knap!!!

  6. This is really cool with the rice bag and all....love it. The sewing on the spine is great too.

  7. Wat een schitterende creatie, Dymphie. Leuk met die uitleg erbij!

  8. i totally can understand buying the rice because of the bag;) i would have done, too! your binding looks great! best to your fingers;)

  9. This is a fascinating binding - especially the detail at the top. I have one similar called a Kiss journal http://www.1stfloorflat.co.uk/artists%27_books.htm (I have never been able to find out where this originated from in spite of several Google searches).

    I learnt it from a friend several years ago - and she had no idea of the origins either. Any ideas? Do you recognise it?

    Congratulations on your lovely blog and lovely books!

  10. Susie, the binding you made looks like one in in Keith Smit's 1 - 2 & 3- section sewings, it's called isolated x's (page 240). I was working from it the last few days, so thinking of that book and finding the binding was easy-peasy :)
    KS's binding has x's over the whole spine (6 compared to 2), but otherwise it looks fairly the same to me. His book was first published in '95, so it's possible your binding was developed from that source.

    HTH Dymphie

  11. Je moet er toch maar opkomen,originele heb jij toch altijd,prachtig boekje!!


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