8 December 2009

nu nog gaten maken
now i have to punch holes

De stapels met restjes stijfselpapieren kan ik zo mooi een beetje wegwerken...
This way I can make a slight dent in my piles of pasted paper...

edit: you can see the notebooks finished here: click

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  1. yes, just a slight dent in your piles of paste papers....they look lovely!!

  2. What a nice pile of books! It's so colorful with your paste papers. The topmost looks especially interesting - can we see a closeup of this paper?
    It seems to be paste paper time everywhere :-)

  3. leuk die kleurtjes bij elkaar, wat doe je met al die boekjes? Je kast zal wel helemaal volstaan. :) grusse von mir, janine

  4. Hi Dymphie

    Ohh these look interesting. I love your paste papers.

    Best wishes

    Billie :)


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