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30 November 2009

On the way to Malta

...these books that is and not until tomorrow :)

Pauline from Paru's Circle is an avid embroiderer and she made two lovely minimalistic pieces to be used on books made by me. Read what she says about this work of her: click

The off-white coloured one is a hardcover casebound book and is an A6-size, appr. 15x10cm, 6x4"
The white one is a made as a 'limp binding from Talin' and is almost square, appr 10x10cm (4x4"). Cute sizes :)

Both can lay open flat (allthough you would think otherwise seeing the photos). I liked to add some fun: printed endpages in casebound one and red lining in the limp one.

More fun: a red and yellow endband/headband in the casebound book.

Hope you like the books Pauline  :)

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  1. Nou, als Pauline ze niet 'liked' ikke wel hoor, wat een werk, maar welk leuke samenwerking, prachtig idee, en ongeloofelijk dat dit een boekje is geworden, hut ab, zouden de duitsers zeggen, in elk geval, prachtig zeg ik!! Groetjes van mij, Janine, alias Jeany. :)

  2. Ze zijn weer super, en ook de afwerking aan de binnenkant is verrassend en heel mooi.

  3. Beautiful books! The embroidery as well as what you made of it - I'm impressed! Two times real good work.

  4. Gorgeous Dymphie! I know Pauline will love them. Like the end papers with the fountain pens..

  5. these are beautiful Dymphie! I love the lining and the black and white is smashing!

  6. Schitterend resultaat van jullie samenwerking!!

  7. They are absolutely beautiful, Dymphie. Lucky Pauline!!!

  8. thanks a million, dear!!! although i have answered your emails i was still too weak to spend much time on the computer (drat flu) the books are awesome, i am speechless but you have been naughty, because one of the stitched books shold have been for you!! i will snail mail you when i can.. hugs.Px


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