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11 October 2009

het wordt eerst erger
it becomes worse first

tussendoor naai ik mijn 50ste boek

in the meanwhile i'm sewing my 50th book

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  1. Dymphie
    your studio space is going to be wonderful! I love the amount of light coming through the window (and the sink nearby)...I moved mine back in March...still can't find everything but getting there! :)

  2. Dat ziet er geweldig uit zelfs nu al :) *kijkt een klein beetje jaloers*

  3. Getting more and more full ! We actually never have enough space do we?

  4. good to some that someone is orderly! congrats on reaching your 50th book!

  5. Looks like a nice and comfortable space to work in!
    Thanks for granting this glimpse into your private space - it's always interesting to see how and where others are creative.

  6. mmm looks like it is coming along nicely....I have had to move my studio 3 times and for me,,,this is the worst time....trying to find and put everything back...omg.
    I wish you luck...AND the 50th "beauty" is being sewn.....that is fantastic!

  7. Fantastisch Dymphie dat je bijna je doel hebt bereikt! Ik kijk er al naar uit.
    Wat een luxe hobby studio krijg jij straks.


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