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8 July 2008

Tags and Awards

I've been tagged by Deborah some time ago.

Here's what she writes:

Soooo...what would be the title to your own memoir, if you were to write one? My talented card making friend from Germany, Ilka, has tagged me to disclose mine. Well, I'm afraid that my life is so boring these days that it would not make terribly entertaining reading. However, in the spirit of play, I'll join in.

HERS is "When in doubt, take a bath!" Hey, I LIKE that one!

Mine would be Carpe Diem...Latin for Seize the Day. According to Wikipedia, the most common interpretation of the phrase is as an existential cautionary term with emphasis on making the most of current opportunities because life is short and time is fleeting.

Carpe Diem was the motto of my high school (all those many, many years ago, lol), and it has always been the way I live my life...live, love, play, laugh, just do it now, don't wait!

What would mine be... I like this one:

"Do I Have To Choose?"

It's always been impossible for me to choose. When I just do and go, things turn out right (well most of the time they do *lol*). But don't ask me to think it over, you will never get an answer.


I've been awarded by Janny some time ago


And this week by Caroline with another award

I'm blushing being featured so many times. Thank you girls!


I know these awards and tag are moving around for some time now. Their are allready multiple tagged blogs and there is the fact that I'm a lousy descisionmaker (see above). So I am not tagging and awarding these to specific others. I want to honour all the bloggers I read frequently, whether by feed or online. You are all so dear and inspirational to me!

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  1. Ik geef je groot gelijk wat dat tag gedoe, de link lijst van je bloggers zegt genoeg toch,althans zo denk ik er over.Dat heeft ook te maken met kiezen.....


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