6 July 2008

enveloppenboekje / envelope booklet

Gisteren bij Karin een enveloppenboekje gemaakt. Dat was een poos geleden. Lekker snel met scrapbookpapier en kant-en-klare enveloppen die ik van Dieke kreeg.
Made an envelope booklet at Karin's place. That was some time ago. This one was a quicky with scrapbookpaper and envelopes Dieke gave me.

Stempels van onbekende oorsprong.
Rubbers stamps from unknown source.


  1. Leuk boekje! De stempels passen er perfect bij.

  2. Mooi gedaan,ik vind de stempelkeuze ook erg mooi!

  3. I really like this, so soft and pretty.

  4. Oh Dymphie, I am so enjoying your explorations with painted paper and book arts. I swear, every time I visit it is so visible to see how you are growing as an artist! Your love for creating shows through and I Love it! Your artwork is so amazing --- keep creating!


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