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30 March 2009

mannen met baarden
men with beards

Made for TMTA: Men with beards

Image from an old Hollywood library book (this is Tyrone Power Sr. in the Big Trail), written songtext "Kaap'ren varen" (an old Dutch traditional: Sailing the Cape, that has to be men with beards), dotted tape and staples.

Edited: i've always associated this song with the long journey around the Cape (south-Africa)... today I've learned it's all about pirates. Never paid enough attention to the text I guess... Kaap'ren (cape) and kaper (pirate) just sounds the same to me. Learn something everyday ;P

Dutch songtext
In fact the song is based on a Flemish poem: Musical original

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  1. Superb! He looks like he hasn't had his coffee yet.

  2. Love your take on the challenge. Great work.Love how the writing is over his face.

  3. Wow this is fantastic.
    Unbelievable work.

  4. That is a fun ATC. He is scarey looking, isn't he?

  5. Nice work and a good eye for just the right image!

    And I really like the song. :-) I didn't know it was originally in Dutch. Just like "was sollen wir trinken" or "wat zullen we drinken" it seems to be one of the songs we share:


  6. Dat is leerzaam! Ik dacht ook altijd aan de kaap. Prachtig baardmannetje! Leuke ATC.

  7. Great idea to write the text over the face of the image! Love the meaning!

  8. wonderful, such a strong atc!! (wouldn´t want to meet him in the darkness;))

  9. Great idea, this is so different. Wonderful.


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