15 December 2007

Moo's en atc's

Deze twee setjes zijn nu meer dan een week onderweg naar Sarah. Ik hoop dat ze snel in haar brievenbus zullen landen :)
These two sets are on their way to Sarah for more than a week now, hope they will show up in her letterbox anytime soon :)

Bij alletwee past de moo in de atc.
Both atc's have a matching moo slipped in.

De grijze vlekken op de roze set zijn in het echt zilver.
The gray wipes on the pink set is silver IRL.


  1. These are gorgeous Dymphie arrived safely today!!!! thanks for trading

  2. These are gorgeous Im glad Sarah has them safely in her possession now.

  3. so pretty and a great idea, glad they arrived to Sarah.

  4. Wat zijn ze mooi! Leuk, die bijpassende MOO-tjes!

  5. I particularly love the pink tones of your second ATC and the stamping is fantastic!

  6. I love these...you made the layering work so well here.

  7. so clever! thank you for showing me a different way to use the stamp I love so much!


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