6 November 2007


Ik probeer het transferen op stof onder de knie te krijgen en heb al doende weer aardig wat geleerd...
I am trying to get the hang of making tranfers on fabric. It's a learning curve...

Herken je de koe op deze?
Do you recognize the cow on this one?

Deze is op fijnere stof, veel beter.
This one is on finer fabric, much better.

Dit is dezelfde als hierboven, ik heb de letters nog wat opgeleukt.
This one is the same as above, I've accented the text a little.

Ik ben Leonie schatplichtig voor het idee van de Moooo-koe. Hieronder zie je het kaartje dat ze me stuurde.
I have to give credit to Leonie for the idea of this mooooo-card. Below is the one she sent me.

Is het geen prachtig mootje? Bedankt Leonie!
Isn't this a delightful moo? Thank you Leonie!


  1. i loooove them, and quite funny with the cow! my favorite transfer medium for fabric is golden's acrylic medium - very fluid and just ideal. learned that in a class with lesley riley. :)

  2. Ja, ik zag ze van de week al voorbij komen. Vind ze erg leuk!

  3. Nice to see the progress of the transfers. I really like how you highlighted the MOO. The one you received is really nice. I think you are getting the hang of it.

  4. ahhhh.. delightful!!!! thanks for telling me about it!! my daughter just loves cows!! i cant wait to show her! if you go to my blog (15th June) you can see Marie the cow> Please tell me your tutorial (technique ) for this one! i have muslin fabric and also matt gal medium!!
    best regards

  5. I love cows and moos and your moocow is fabulous!

  6. georgous, dymphie!! love the cow and the transfers turned out beautiful!!

  7. your fabric transfers are super and I love your moooooos!


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