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7 February 2008

Maan / Moon

Mijn tweede poging een maan te schilderen.
My second try at painting a moon.

Bijna vol hè? *lol*
It's almost a full one, heh? *lol*


  1. Ben razend benieuwd naar het eindresultaat, dit is al mooi!!

  2. You are loving your paints!! The texture and depth in your moon are really great! Super realistic!

  3. I think my comment disappeared! I love your moon and the colors and border are perfect!

  4. Echt wel vol, het wordt steeds spannender;o)

  5. Dymphie...i love this moon and the one on the arch is great too. There is so much texture to them.

  6. I really like this painting. I love playing not getting to wrapped up in "how good it will look" and having fun!

  7. I like your painted moon Dymphie - it looks just like the real thing! Very atmospheric :)


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