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16 September 2008


Sinds een paar weken volg ik lessen monoprinten en dit is het eerste stuk dat ik mee naar huis heb genomen. De opdracht is er eens naar te kijken om te zien of het 'af' is.
I'm in a mono-printing class since a couple of weeks. This is the first piece i brought home, the instruction is to look at it and see if i think it's finished.

Als het niks wordt, kan ik er altijd nog boekbanden uit snijden, het is nogal een groot ding: ong. 57x43 cm. Dat zouden dan wel gave bandjes worden *lol*
It's a rather large print, approx 22"x17". When all else fails I can use it to cut bookcovers from, that will be some cool ones *lol*


  1. Nice one, Dymphie! I really like the coloring and the black speckles along the edges. That IS a big one! Well done :)

  2. I like this one very much- the class sounds like a lot of fun :)

  3. Oh, I love this! It looks finished to me, and please don't cut it up! Hang it on the wall! The class sounds like a great experience.

  4. Dymphie, I am so envious of all this beautiful artwork you've been creating! In my opinion, this monoprint is magnificent. You have made a good choice of colors, there's a warmth radiating from it, it's well asymetrically balanced, and a bit more abstract than what you created in the past. I believe you're gonna learn a lot of really cool background techniques with this process! It may be that you're so familiar with collage style that its seems unfinished to you, but think of all the possibilities!!! I wish I could have taken this class with you, what fun!!!

  5. Zoiets moois ga je toch niet verknippen hoop ik!
    Mooie kleuren!!

  6. Ziet er mooi uit en heb een tijdje zitten kijken maar ik geloof niet dat ik iets mis. Hele mooie kleurencombinatie

  7. what a beautiful piece you have created! It is suitable for framing, actually! I am amazed by all the fabulous things you have been creating--you have taken your art to a whole new level!


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