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22 November 2009

Hilke's pamphlet binding

Some time (well actually it was a long time) ago I won one of Hilke's pamphlet binding, she did a wonderful job. Come and take a look with me.
On the cover is in a lovely fabric in blue and white attached, it reminds me loosely of Delft blue pottery.

The inside covers are backed with blue paper and the fly leaf is a red mulberry. The book has a special binding so it 'falls' open really flat. I have to try this binding soon, so surprising.

And than... o wowzers... Her book contains two stories, one by Mark Twain and one by Michael Ende, both illustrated with lino-cuts made by Hilke herself! It's really chockfull with the most lovely illustrations. Most in black, one printed with two additional colours and one coloured by hand (i think).

She put so much thought and effort in this book. I feel a lucky lucky girl indeed!  Thank you so very much Hilke ;)

Take a look here to see Hilke's photos of the lino cuts: 'click' and here to visit her website: 'click'

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  1. Wat een prachtig boek, Dymphie! Geweldig, die lino's! :-))


  2. I am so glad you like the book! The addition of the Ende-Story was a special feature for the books that I gave away as presents. - I hope you can read the all German text. The general idea, playing with words that get longer in each paragraph, should be clear from simply looking at it :-)

    I comprised the Mark Twain story with all the lino cuts into an edition, too. The special edition, limited to 12, with hand pulled prints got out of the press on Saturday morning, and I will put up all the information in the next days. It will be followed by an open edition which will be all digitally printed (with the prints scanned in). I am planning to bind the first copies of the open edition in the blue-white fabric that covered your book.

    Again: I am pleased to hear that you like your book. And thanks for the feature here!
    Have a nice week.

  3. Wow, what a book!!! Wonderful!


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